Visualise your data against the benchmarks

WEBS provides you with a comprehensive set of benchmarks that you can visualise against your own data to gain insight and drive operational improvement. With the data download feature you are free to incorporate WEBS benchmarks into your own reporting system. Here are some typical examples.

Time series trend analysis

Visualise the trending over time of key performance indicators for your wind farm portfolio and compare directly to industry statistics including the mean, maximum, minimum and standard deviation for that metric across the population. Access to this evidence base will motivate your organization to improve by providing a baseline for current performance and informing future targets.

Relative performance

Reveal the dynamics between wind farm metrics and key performance indicators by displaying interrelated key performance indicators together on a single chart. Include industry benchmarks to provide a snapshot of how your farm is performing in related key areas and, clearly identify where your wind farm excels and where there is room for improvement.

Issue identification

Clearly present the relative maintenance effort required across the sub-systems of your wind farm. Furthermore, compare to how the relative maintenance effort breaks down for peers. This will allow you to identify anomalies within your wind farm and identify where to focus maintenance attention for optimum site performance.

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